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Hello friends, welcome again in the article of our new application, friends, the name of the application we have brought today is 98 Rummy Apk or an online game application which falls under the category of casino.

In 98 Rummy Apk, 27 types of games have been given, in which Rummy Teen patti and many other card games are available, you can earn a lot of money by playing the game which you play well.

Friends, every man has his own favorite game, which my favorite game is Dragon vs Tiger, you can play the game of your choice.

Download in 98 Rummy Apk

Friends, if you also want to download 98 Rummy Apk, then you can download it very easily by clicking on the download button given in this article.

Friends, the following steps have been given to download this application, by following which you can download the application very easily.

Step 1. The best way to download the App First click on the download button.

Step 2. Like if you click on the download button Application to you. official
website will be refreshed on where you will again You have to click on the download button.

Step 3. Now your application is downloaded will go in your application file where
You have to install from .

Friends, if you have d and installed 98 Rummy Apk, then now you have to sign up, for that you read the article below.

Available game in 98 Rummy Apk

Friends, Total 27 types of games have been given in 98 Rummy Apk, out of which there are eight main games, whose name and method of playing are given below in the article, so that you can read and play this game very easily and earn money. Are

Following are the details of the most favorite game out of all the games you have inside this application, you can read and follow it.

Games NameGames Name
Dragon V/s TigerLucky Ball
Teen PattiMatka
Car RouletteBlack Jack
Andar BaharHonor Of King
RouletteAndar Bahar Go
BaccaratAce War
RummyToss A Coin
Wheel Of FortuntSugar Rush
Teen Patti 20 20Duel of the King Sea
LudoDeep Sea Awakening
Fruit PartyoWarcraft Roulette
Zoo RouletteFruit
Red V/ Blackpubg
98 Rummy Apk

1. Ludo – Friends, Ludo is such a game that almost every child, old and young, educated and uneducated people in the world know how to play it.
In Ludo, the person who reaches Home first is the winner.

2. Dragon V/s Tiger – Friends, Dragon V/s Tiger is a game in which there are three types of slots, where the big husband comes, he is the winner, in which 2 times the money is received on 2 and 9 times the money on one side. .

3. Teen Patti – Friends Teen Patti is such a game
In which 5 players can sit together and play, whoever has the highest husband in the given husband for the dealer is the winner.

4. Andar Bahar – Friends, inside out is a game in which there are 2 slots, both sides get 2 times the money and one gets 9 times the money.

5. Best of Five – Friends Best of Five is such a game, where you get 5 cards if you match the card distributed by the dealer in the work started by him then that player will win and he will get the winning money. will get.

6. Fishing War – Friends, Fishing War is such a game, if you are an expert in fishing, then you can earn fish mark and a lot of money in this game.

7. Card Roulette – Friends Car Roulette is a game which has slots in which 40 times 30 times 20 times 10 times and 4 slots are 5 * given by the dealer and if you keep putting money then you will be the winner.

8. IPL – Friends, everyone knows how to play IPL, so betting is done in this, the team that is the winner is called the winner. Out of all the games that you have inside this application, the following are the details of the most liked game, you can read it can follow.

Register in 98 Rummy Apk

Friends, I hope you have downloaded 98 Rummy Apk, now you have to sign up in this application, only then you will get a signup bonus of ₹200.

To sign up friends, you can register very
easily by following the 1 step given in
Artical below.

Step 1. First of all you have to open the application Will happen.

Step 2. After opening the application, you will have to go to Home page Guest and Logging icons appear onthe page Will give in which you have to click on the icon of Guest have to click.

Step 3. As soon as the guest’s icon is clicked Will you do something bound on your mobile screen
You will get to fill in which you will first 10 digit mobile number has to be added.

Step 4. After adding 10 digit mobile number 4,6,8 or 10 digit password in two places Have to add.

Step 5. After entering the password in two places, OTP Click on the icon like
OTP Click on the icon on your mobile 4 or 6 digit OTP will come on the number.

Step 6. He will get the OTP of good marriage marks After adding as it is click on OK
or click on the verify icon Your register will be successful and you will get ₹200 signup bonus will
be received.

Refer And Earn In 98 Rummy App

Friends, if you want to earn money without adding money, then there is a special program for you in this application called Refer And Earn, under which you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month.

Friends, you have to open this application and click on the copy link button given on your home page, as soon as you kill, the link of the application will be copied, now share it with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube. Can

If your friends download and register 98 Rummy Apk through the link sent by you, then you will get a bonus of ₹ 20. In this way, all the friends who download and do so will get 20-20 rupees. Can do very good running.

If your friends add money by downloading and registering through the link sent by you, then you will get a commission of 30%, that is, if you add money of ₹ 200, then you will get ₹ 60 immediately. You can easily make lakhs of rupees in a month through mobile sitting at home even after adding it.

Add Money in 98 Rummy Apk

Friends, if you want to earn a lot by playing games by adding Money in 98 Rummy Apk, then it is very important for you to add Money because unless you add Money, you cannot earn a lot by playing games, so friends. If you want to add money in this application, then you can add money by following the steps given in this article.

Step 1. Friends if you want to add money then First of all open the application.

Step 2. As soon as you open the application Add Cash to the
application home page icon will be found.

Step 3. Click on the icon of Addcash as soon as friends Will do some
address chips on your screen will play the image in which you ₹ 100 to Up to 2000 chips will be
visible out of which Add as many chips as you want have to click on

Step 4. Now you can paytm on your phone google You can pay through etc.
And can play the game.

Withdraw In 98 Rummy Apk

Friends, if you have Earning money in 98 Rummy Apk and want to withdraw in your bank account, then the following states are given in this article, you can withdraw money very easily by Flowing it.

Step 1. Friends, first of all open the application Will happen.

Step 2. After opening the application, on the home page Withdrawal icon will
appear click on it Have to do

Step 3. Like friends click on Witthdraw KYC option will run in it in which
First your account number bank name ifsc code holder name one by one ok Have to do

Step 4. Now you have to withdraw the amount By adding as much as Withdraw Click on icon money will
be in your account Will go


Q1. How to get maximum views in 98 Rummy Apk Will.

Ans- For maximum bet in 98 Rummy Apk Social media near you Aditya Yaadein
Friend Must be shared via

Q2. By sharing the link of 98 Rummy Apk How can earn money.

Ans – You should see the link of this application more and more Must share more with your friend
By downloading your friend application the more money you add the more You will get commission.

Q3. How much bonus will I get on a referral?

Ans – If the person to whom you Will send the link if the person is completely
If you register then you will get ₹ 20. From this side you all referral fall 20 20 will get Rs.

Q4. Why haven’t I received referral commission?

Ans – Your friends through the link sent by you Haven’t downloaded the app so
You will not get commission.

Q5. Signup Bonus to you in 98 Rummy Apk Got it.

Ans – Signup in 98 Rummy Apk Get bonus ₹ 200

Q6. What is the minimum withdrawal in 98 Rummy Apk Is.

Contract Number In 98 Rummy Apk

When you open the app, we will see the page where you will see the customer’s icon and you will see support written, click on it, then Chrome will appear, then by clicking on the chat, you can put your problem and chat. .

Friends, if you have any kind of problem in this app, then by clicking on the Sport icon on the top of the home page, you can take customer support and solve your problem.

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Version Size Requirements Date
Latest 52.77MB Rummy Most 14/04/2024
Latest 50.93 MB Rummy Loot 14/04/2024

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